Simple Steps Toward Evangelism

By Stephanie Newton

Everywhere we go, we encounter women, created by our loving Father, who have no relationship with Him. For those of us who have enjoyed a relationship with Him for a long time, it is unthinkable that many around us have not met the Lord. We move about our day secure in the knowledge that “Jesus is mine.” While we have a desire for all people to follow Him, we may feel that we don’t know the lost. We may wonder where to find them. Because we seemingly don’t encounter the lost, evangelism may feel like someone else’s calling. But it’s not for someone else—we’ve all been called. You and I have been given a mandate to “go and make disciples” (Matt. 28:18). If you’re ready to embrace the call, here are some simple steps to help you get started.

  1. Get some training.
    While no special training is required to share the good news, training can help us feel more comfortable. I love the 3 Circles method. When someone shares about a trouble or sadness, we can easily start a conversation about our brokenness and God’s design. Whatever training you get, practice it enough to be comfortable when you need to use it.
  2. Begin to pray for spiritual conversations.
    In your prayer time, ask the Lord to help you meet people who are lost. Ask Him to give you encounters that lead to sharing the gospel. Ask Him to give you eyes to see the lost and the broken.
  3. Don’t worry!
    For many of us, nervousness keeps us from engaging in spiritual conversations. We worry that we won’t know who to talk to or when to share the gospel. Our Father knows who to place in our paths. He is fully able to guide us as we share in spiritual conversations. Pray about your concerns and make yourself available to join Him in His work.
  4. Leave a margin.
    Try to leave a margin of time so that you can respond when the opportunity presents itself. If we are always rushing or running late, we don’t have time to respond. Plan a few extra minutes into your schedule, and see how the Lord redeems the time.
  5. Be friendly and establish a genuine connection.
    Use every opportunity to exercise hospitality. Greet those you meet with a smile. Inquire about how people are, especially those you see on a daily basis. If someone shares a need or concern with you, follow up with them. Next time you see them, ask how that concern is going and let them know you prayed for them. Being friendly helps those who don’t know us feel like they could share parts of their lives with us. Kindness and friendliness go a long way!

These are simple first steps to sharing Jesus and reaching the lost around us. As we prepare and pray for opportunities, we can be confident that the Lord will send us to those who need to know Him. We don’t have to be anxious because we can rest in knowing He will be with us and give us words to say. Let’s embrace our Father’s call as an invitation to Great Commission living.

Published March 14, 2024

Stephanie Newton

Stephanie Newton is the lead strategist for adult and multicultural audiences for national WMU. She is responsible for program planning and leadership development of myMISSION, Adults on Mission, and Women on Mission. She also serves as the liaison for multicultural audiences, including Sisters Who Care, the Hispanic WMU/UFM network, and Korean WMU. Stephanie is passionate about encouraging leaders and empowering them to live on mission.