The comfort of God in our darkest hour

Recently, my husband was invited to contribute to a LifeWay resource called Pray Like This: Living the Lord’s Prayer. The video he created was posted on social media; the response was tremendous. Many liked, shared and responded to his brief yet impactful testimony.

Like myself, Ed Litton lost his spouse in a car accident. But God has uniquely and sovereignly brought our lives together. We never lose sight of just how deeply He healed us, provided us hope in despair and faith in the struggle. We never forget how He bound us in new life and love together.

I would encourage you—if you are walking an impossible road that is brutal or is crushing your soul—to take a few minutes to view his testimony. Ed is unmistakably clear; it’s all God’s doing. The provision of grace that he speaks of for his devastating loss is available for you, too.

In this, I pray you will find encouragement for your darkest hour.

Published October 5, 2017