The Pulse

By Michael Catt

A Contradicting Worldview
Among U.S. adults:

  • 66% believe people are essentially good
  • 71% deny all are guilty before God at birth
  • 59% agree that some people will be eternally punished in hell
  • 52% think the Bible should have authority over human actions
  • 40% believe the Bible has been disproven by science

Source: Lifeway, September 19, 2022

Faith-shy Friends
63% of the unchurched say they have at least 2-4 good friends who are Christian, yet 60% of Americans report that their Christian friends seldom discuss their faith.
Lifeway, January 5 and February 22, 2022

Effective Evangelism
58% of unbelieving youth do not find scripture quotations as a convincing form of evangelism, and 49% do not want to be prayed over during a conversation about faith.

According to 55% of non-Christian teens, using actions rather than words to explain faith is the most persuasive evangelism approach.
Source:, November 10, 2021

SBC Impact
In 2022, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers reported over:

  • 7,200 Bibles distributed
  • 19,600 gospel conversations
  • 5,900 professions of faith
  • This year, SBC chaplains recorded over 75,000 gospel presentations

Church Influence
Christians are split in half between those who actively evangelize and those who do not. Those who attend church at least monthly are 20% more likely to engage with their neighbors than irregular attenders.

Source: Lifeway, January 5 and July 1, 2022

Eager to Tell
This past summer, 335 GenSend student missionaries had 4,037 gospel conversations in 20 cities across North America.

Ready to Hear
46% of teens around the world believe that Jesus offers hope to people. Globally, 6 in 10 teens (59%) are interested in learning more about Jesus in their lifetime.

Source:, October 2022

You and your church are not in your neighborhood by accident; God is already working there. We have to join Him in His work.”
John Mark Clifton, senior director of replanting at NAMB

We are called to be the light of the world, but sometimes we hide our light.”
Tim Dowdy, vice president of Evangelism at NAMB

We cannot manipulate change. We need God to revive our hearts as we surrender to Him!”

Published January 24, 2023

Michael Catt

Michael Catt, retired pastor, Sherwood Church in Albany, Georgia