What is a Chaplain Ambassador?

By Jim Hartz

Nearly 10 years ago, my wife Dee and I began with the Southern Baptist Convention Chaplaincy (NAMB) as the National Pastoral Care Consultants.  We began trying to reach out to as many chaplains as we could to make them aware of our prayers and support.  We met with and believed we made a difference in the lives of many chaplains and their families.  But there were so many still unreached.  About that time, the leadership of chaplaincy and NAMB agreed to bring on a team of contracted Chaplain Ambassadors.

Who and what is a Chaplain Ambassador?  Though there have been Chaplain Ambassadors serving Chaplains and Families for nearly 5 years, this question is still common.

Chaplain Ambassadors are former or currently serving Chaplains with a heart to support and encourage other Chaplains. Their purpose is to strengthen support systems, broaden professional networks and enhance the ministry of fellow Chaplains.  They use many methods of communication, from text/email to face-to-face meetings, to connect and provide pastoral care to Chaplains and their families.  They are contracted for part-time ministry, but they pour themselves into this ministry with great passion and purpose.  They love Chaplains and their families.

There are currently nine Chaplain Ambassadors (see list below).  Eight serve as Regional Ambassadors, with regions varying in size from three to 13 states with about 300 – 900 Chaplains.  Every Chaplain has access to support from a Chaplain Ambassador.

Additionally, there is a National Ambassador for Women, and two of the Regional Ambassadors serve as National Ambassadors: one for Hispanic Chaplains and one (our newest) for Asian and Pacific Islander Chaplains.  We are seeking to continually diversify our team.

Chaplain Ambassadors:

John P. Barbee (Region 1)
Alabama, Florida and Georgia
[email protected] | 912-492-9197

Jeffrey W. Renken (Region 2)
North Carolina and South Carolina
[email protected] | 919-819-5503

Jesse Quintero (Region 3 and National Hispanic Chaplain Ambassador)
Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas
[email protected] | 919-257-9340

Harlan Kimball (Region 4)
Kentucky, Mid Atlantic, Northeast, Canada and Puerto Rico
[email protected] | 910-787-5414

Ric Worshill (Region 5)
Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee and West Virginia
[email protected] | 847-254-7702

Mike Crowell (Region 6)
Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma
[email protected] | 816-678-8358

Don Biadog (Region 7 and National Asian/Pacific Islander Chaplain Ambassador)
Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah
[email protected] | 858-444-7125

Bobby Payne (Region 8)
Alaska, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming
[email protected] | 308-627-2098

Phyllis McMinn Brewer (National Chaplain Ambassador for Women)
[email protected] | 864-554-8367

Jim Hartz (Chaplain Pastoral Care Manager—responsible for Chaplains overseas)

If you have not already connected with your Chaplain Ambassador, I encourage you to reach out and introduce yourself.  They will do their best to connect with you as well.


We say farewell and “Thank You” to Chuck (Karen) Conn who served Region 7 Ambassador for the last 4.5 years.  May God bless them both!

Published May 18, 2021

Jim Hartz

Jim Hartz, NAMB Chaplaincy Pastoral Care Manager, provides pastoral care oversight to Southern Baptist chaplains and their families. He is supported in this effort by his wife, Dee, and nine Chaplain Ambassadors.