Where are the helpers?

By Kevin Ezell

Many kids in my generation grew up watching “Mr. Rogers.” He often told a story from

his childhood. Whenever he heard tragic or scary news too young to understand fully, his mother would encourage him by saying, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

We’ve recently heard a lot of desperate news across North America and the world, and some of it has touched on our work as Southern Baptists. As I think about all the challenges we’ve faced as a network of churches, I’ve thought back to that quote from Mr. Rogers.

I’ve been asking, “Where are the helpers?”

We could all be encouraged by those striving to direct our Southern Baptist family back to the main thing: sharing the eternal hope of the gospel with our neighbors.

The gospel is, ultimately, the only hope we have for navigating the obstacles we face in finding solutions to the problems we’ve encountered in recent years.

Now more than ever, we need to remember the power of the gospel, stay obedient to its demands—repentance and faith in Christ—and embrace the gift of grace in our lives, individually and as a family of churches.

When we’re fully aware of all Christ has done in us, we’re most passionate about sharing the gospel with sinners and seekers who desperately need the hope Christ offers to the world.

So, who are the pastors, churches and leaders laser-focused on applying and sharing the gospel? I am aware of plenty, but we always need more.

By Kevin Ezell, NAMB president (@kevezell)

Complaining and throwing stones come easy, but negativity is corrosive and deflating. Of course, we need to be aware of our challenges and not paper over them. The gospel requires us to look at sin and its effects honestly, but the solution of Christ crucified, buried and resurrected is strong enough to destroy the power of sin.

I hope we can all commit to helping, focused on sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and pointing people toward the only solution that will truly make a difference.

Kevin Ezell is president of the North American Mission Board.

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Published January 24, 2023

Kevin Ezell

Dr. Kevin Ezell serves as the president of the North American Mission Board, providing strategic vision, direction and leadership as NAMB works with state partners in helping Southern Baptists to reach North America through evangelism and evangelistic church planting. He and his wife, Lynette, have six children, Anna, Shelly, Taylor, John Michael, Libby and Micah Lyn.