You know you’re a pastor’s wife if…

It’s happened to all of us. People say and do some unusual things. Things can get awkward, strange or just plain weird. Here are a few “You know you are a pastor’s wife if …” moments.


The sound system goes out during your workout class at the YMCA, and the instructor calls out, “Mrs. Kathy, can you pray for our speakers?”—Kathy Litton #designatedpray-er

You’ve been asked, “Can you reserve that big meeting room for our small group potluck? And be sure the coffee is set up along with all the paper goods?”—Susie Hawkins #eventplanner

In line to vote a man greets you, “Good morning, Mrs. Preacher’s Wife.”—Kathy Litton #theydontknowyourname

“Can you tell that lady who sits on the front row and raises her hands all the time to stop it?”—Susie Hawkins #worshipmoniter

People immediately apologize to you for not being in church the last two Sundays. —Annie Garman #Idonttakeattendance

People Facebook you during worship to tell you the drums are too loud.—Lori Frank #couldyoutellyourhusbandplease

You’ve been informed, “There’s gum stuck in the carpet, which no one is cleaning up, so since you’re like the vice president at church, can you make it happen?”—Lori McDaniel #partofcustodialstaff

Date night includes stopping at hospital where even the patient you are visiting knows you are out on a “date.”—Kathy Litton #canwejustmakethisonestop?

The UPS guy asks you to let the church know about his mother’s surgery when making a delivery at your house.—Lori Frank #keeperoftheprayerlist

In the South, people who are older than you are call you “Mrs. Kathy.”—Kathy Litton #R-E-S-P-E-C-T

You pop in to the home of someone from church, and a few minutes later the station mysteriously turns to Christian radio.—Annie Garman #ButILikeLynyrdSkynyrd

Come on, play along. Share your best “You know you are a pastor’s wife if …” moment.

Published December 15, 2016