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Your Church on Mission

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August 23, 2017 by Ted Traylor | Evangelism
One person plants, and another waters, but God gives the increase. When one is sowing gospel seed, you never know what the Lord of the harvest will do. And sometimes you never see it until eternity. In the first half of the 20th century, Southern Baptists sent missionaries to South Africa. In...
August 16, 2017 by James Merritt | Evangelism
I begin this blog with an assumption that I perhaps should not be making, and that is every pastor wants to cast an evangelistic vision for his church. But at least in the Southern Baptist Convention, that assumption is no longer apparently a valid one. We are at the lowest number of baptisms in...
August 9, 2017 by Ken Whitten | Evangelism
My spiritual daddy, Dr. Adrian Rogers (pastor, Bellevue Baptist, Memphis 1972-2005), who was both a hero and a mentor to me, often used to quip – “What’s down in the well always comes up in the bucket.” Isn’t that so true. Jesus said the same thing only in a different way. “For the mouth speaks...
August 2, 2017 by Joel Southerland | Evangelism
Culture is often talked about but rarely understood. It’s the glue that holds all businesses together. — Mike Myatt There is probably nothing inside or outside your church that’s affecting its growth—or lack thereof—more than its culture. When a church has a healthy evangelistic culture, it...
Sowing the Seed Blog Post
July 12, 2017 by James Merritt | Evangelism
One of the greatest encouragements for and lessons about evangelism is found in the parable of the sower in Matthew 13. It is simple in its teaching but strong in its implications. Jesus taught three simple truths in this passage that not only reminds us of our role in evangelizing but God’s role...
July 10, 2017 by Ken Whitten | Evangelism
I heard about a farmer who had a cuckoo clock that went off faithfully sounding the hour of the day and night. One morning, to the farmer’s wife’s dismay, the clock began to cuckoo 17 times. In a panic, the wife woke up and said to her husband, “Honey, honey, wake up, it’s later than it’s ever...
July 5, 2017 by Ted Traylor | Evangelism
Vacation Bible School (VBS) and youth camp should be high on the list. These proven tools always have evangelism in them. I was saved fifty-two years ago this summer in Pisgah Baptist Church VBS. Pastor Nolan Ford made the gospel clear. He spoke with me one on one about salvation. He gave a...
June 30, 2017 | Evangelism
Listen in on an evangelism coaching session with Pastor Robby Brown. During the call we discuss evangelism roadblocks that every pastor faces. Find out what you can do to press on and reach and baptize more people.
June 28, 2017 by Joel Southerland | Evangelism
Are you old enough to remember waving to your neighbor every morning and every afternoon? Maybe you often sat down with them and had a complete conversations. You knew where they worked, what they did for leisure and where their extended family lived. Neighborly was normal. But much of America...
June 21, 2017 by James Merritt | Evangelism
I am still just shocked it is summertime! Has almost half a year come and gone? Yes it has, but the suddenness of it all reminds us we need to capture every day, week and, yes, season for God, grace and the gospel. I realize, as all pastors do, when we look out at smaller crowds that no one...
June 19, 2017 | Evangelism
What does it mean for your church members to seek opportunities to live on mission? What is the easy button? In this episode, Joel Southerland and Scott Smith dicsuss how evangelical churches are helping their members find opportunities to live on mission every day and define the easy button for...
June 14, 2017 by Ted Traylor | Evangelism
In the closing two verses of the book of Acts, Paul is imprisoned in his own home. Nero is on the throne of the Roman Empire. There is no religious liberty and the preacher is in jail. Yet, the gospel is advancing. How can that be? I find several principles at work to advance the gospel is a...