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February 9, 2018 | Evangelism
As a pastor or leader, your bold leadership is absolutely the only way our churches will be mobilized with the gospel. The church is to live out the gospel from day to day if we’re going to impact our world. One of the most important statements of our day is, “The future of the world depends...
January 21, 2018 by James Merritt | Evangelism
The two ripest times of the year for engaging and inviting your community to your church are Christmas Eve and Easter. Too often pastors are more efficient than effective in making the best evangelistic use of this time. We are efficient in making sure we have a Christmas sermon ready to preach,...
January 16, 2018 by Ted Traylor
Easter comes quickly this year: April 1, 2018. This is one of the five mountain-peak Sundays for a local church. Church leaders need to capture these days and make preparation for them. This year, the date helps us. Many are going to joke about Easter being on April Fool’s Day, but a local...
January 7, 2018 by Ted Traylor | Evangelism
Looking back can be helpful. We dare not live in the past, but to evaluate it can be advantageous. Here are seven questions to ask regarding evangelism in your church in 2017:
January 6, 2018 by Ken Whitten
To evangelize is not to win converts, but simply to announce the good news, irrespective to the results. To evangelize is to spread the good news that Jesus Christ died for our sins and was raised from the dead according to the Scriptures, and that as the reigning Lord, He now offers forgiveness...
December 13, 2017 | Evangelism
Co-hosts Joel Southerland and Scott Smith speak with Alvin Reid, author of “Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out,” about the importance of pastors mastering the art of personal evangelism. Discover why pastors should be able to share Jesus and encourage their congregations to replicate their skills.
December 6, 2017 by James Merritt | Evangelism
There are some things in life that are difficult but they are not hard. I realize that sounds contradictory, but think about it. I play golf and I would be the first one to admit that it is difficult to hit a golf ball where you want it to go, but it is not all that hard to hit a golf ball...
November 22, 2017 by Ken Whitten | Evangelism
November 15, 2017 by Ted Traylor | Evangelism
The birth of Jesus was a good news gospel announcement. We must continue trumpeting our Savior has been born. The month of December is a ripe time for evangelism. Here are some ideas that may help you this Christmas season.
Live This Podcast Episode
November 8, 2017 | Evangelism
For this special episode, host Joel Southerland is joined by John Meador, pastor of First Baptist Church in Euless, Texas and founder of One Conversation—a ministry for evangelism. Discover why the North American Mission Board (NAMB) and One Conversation have partnered together to engage churches...
November 8, 2017 by James Merritt | Evangelism
There are at least two times of the year when any church should be maxing out the evangelism RPM’S and those are Easter and Christmas. Even with the increasing secularization of our culture, these two seasons still attract many unbelievers, the unchurched and nominal churchgoers to our campuses....
November 3, 2017 by Shannon Baker | Evangelism
On Halloween this year, Potomac Heights Baptist Church structured its entire outreach event to match the evangelism tool, "3 Circles: Life Conversation Guide." The tool, produced by the North American Mission Board (NAMB), helps people use three simple circles that represent "God's Design,...