Your Church On Mission

Interview with Joe Boyd

Joel Southerland05.30.18

Joe Boyd is the Senior Pastor at Aviator Church in Derby, Kan. In 2014, they averaged 1,147 people in worship and baptized 168 new believers. They’ve also planted seven new churches in the first seven years of their church’s existence. 

0:40 – The story of Aviator Church 

11:00 – An evangelistic church is built on solid leadership. 

13:40 – How does the vision of Aviator Church guide them to be evangelistic? 

16:45 – Sunday gatherings are intentionally evangelistic at Aviator Church.

22:45 – Celebrating life change is so important in creating an evangelistic culture.

28:28 – How are people at Aviator equipped to live on mission in all of life?

35:58 – Pastor Joe gives advice to the common pastor.

You can find out more about Pastor Joe and Aviator Church at