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Pastor, how to evaluate 2017

Ted Traylor01.07.18

Looking back can be helpful. We dare not live in the past, but to evaluate it can be advantageous.

Here are seven questions to ask regarding evangelism in your church in 2017:

1. Pastor, were you a leader in evangelism this year, and did you consistently share the gospel with lost people?

2. Did your church do any evangelism training in 2017?

3. How many outreach events did your church plan and execute in 2017?

4. Baptismal numbers do not tell the whole story, but were they more or less than last year? What is your ratio of members to baptisms?

5. Did the pulpit ministry in your church have a clear and consistent proclamation of the gospel calling for repentance?

6. Did the special events you planned have a specific time and way for evangelism?

7. Ask the Lord to evaluate your evangelism. Did you receive a "well done"?

May God make 2018 the greatest year you have ever known in reaching others for Christ!