Disaster Relief Chaplaincy

Disaster Relief chaplains are members of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief teams. They are mobilized with their SBC state convention disaster relief team by the state disaster relief coordinator.

Disaster Relief chaplains are trained to serve in an environment of disaster relief service and response. Few areas of missions service require greater spiritual sensitivity and more rapid response to human need than a disaster. Jesus Himself told us that natural and man-made disasters will happen until He comes again. We must be ready to be the "Lord's hands and feet" for hurting humanity, bringing gospel hope to them during times of crisis.

This is a highly specialized time of ministry. Disaster Relief chaplains extend the witness and care of the church to people whose lives have been unexpectedly disrupted by a disaster. For this reason, the training requirements for endorsement as a disaster relief chaplain are set high.

Basic Qualifications/Requirements for SBC Endorsement:

  • complete the training "Involving Southern Baptists in Disaster Relief" (about 12 hours)
  • complete the training "Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Chaplains Manual" (about 9 hours)
  • complete one unit of training in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) (about 16 hours)

The training is coordinated and scheduled by each Southern Baptist state convention through the office of the disaster relief coordinator or state chaplaincy representative.

Endorsement as a Southern Baptist Volunteer Relief Chaplain

On May 4, 2004, the Chaplains Commission, SBC, approved the endorsing of disaster relief chaplains to their state conventions. After completing the above requirements, applicants should contact the NAMB Chaplaincy Evangelism Team.

Links for Disaster Relief (DR) Chaplaincy

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