Church Planting

Church planting

Demonstrated Christian character is essential to church planting for gaining credibility and building community. Three core values gain primacy and drive church planting forward through the Send Network. These are brotherhood, multiplication and kingdom.

This value speaks to the part of us that rejects isolationism and craves kingdom collaboration. To help foster that spirit of brotherhood, we have tactically imbedded City Missionaries in the 32 most spiritually needy cities across North America.

No church sets out from the start to become the dead-end link on the Great Commission chain. We are developing tools and residencies to equip planters and existing churches facilitate movements beyond a singular church plant.

Core to our theological underpinnings is the understanding that the Church was never meant to become the primary goal and idolatrous fascination of a disciple of Christ. Rather, by weight of Jesus’ teachings, the Church is to see herself as the primary vehicle to a much larger goal, the kingdom of God. 

These three values, organically infused into what we believe to be a groundbreaking and holistic church planting support process, are becoming game-changers for a new generation of church planters. We are excited by the results we are seeing in community after community across North America.

If you, like many of us, have dreamed of being part of a brotherhood that seeks to embody values like these, perhaps your next step is to say, “Send me.”

Church Planters

North America needs church planters — men who are called by God to join Him in beginning a new disciple-making work that builds biblical community. Find out how to get involved in this vital ministry.

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Partner with us to help discover, develop and deploy church planters across North America, and support the efforts of new congregations through prayer, giving and going.

Generation Send
Want to spend six weeks in one of North America’s greatest cities? GenSend is an urban missions immersion that will shape your life like nothing you’ve ever done. Come walk in community with others from around North America as you dive into some of the areas of greatest need in our Send Cities.

Those who have completed first year of college or who are at least 19-25 years of age. Must be a part of an SBC church and agree to NAMB’s missionary conduct expectations.

Future Church Planter/Team Member

Are you praying about planting a church in the future? Would you like to spend time clarifying your call and learning more about church planting? 

Your church can play a critical role in doing so. Spend up to three years preparing as your church helps you develop the core competencies needed before you are sent out to plant or help plant a new church. 

Replanting Pastor

Replanting pastors are men called to replant, for the glory of God, a church that is at risk of dying.
Learn more about the needs and opportunities, or register your interest in becoming a Replanting Pastor missionary below.

Church Planting Team Member

Church planting is a team sport. Join a group answering God’s call to make disciples and build biblical community. These men and women serve in various church planting roles for the purpose of evangelism and disciple-making.

Send Network

If you are a follower of Jesus, then your life has a mission. We want to see you succeed in this mission, whether that is through leading the church, planting a church, or living on mission in your everyday life. The North American Mission Board has established the Send Network to deliver resources and provide opportunities to help you and your church be equipped and mobilized in your local community and beyond.

Looking for some of the best writings, videos and other assets to help you as you equip yourself and your church for church planting? Send Network is a consortium of ideas and resources to help you take next steps.

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