You are navigating a changing culture both inside and outside of your church. Whether through evangelism tools or compassion ministry, church planting or chaplaincy, we can help you and your people engage the lost and hurting are all around you.

Be a Church that Shares the Gospel

There are people in the shadow of your own steeple who don’t know Jesus. When the hope of the gospel weaves through every task you undertake, your church can become a powerful force for change in your community.

With resources and experience, we are here to serve you. Whether your church is deeply invested in mission, just getting started or somewhere in between, we can help you lead your church into a greater passion for gospel outreach.

Renew Your Weary Church

Ideally, every church would be a healthy, growing, on-mission body of believers. But that may not be your church’s reality. Leading a struggling congregation can be an exhausting and discouraging work, but you are not alone, and God is not finished with your church. We want to help you in your church’s journey to revitalization. Our partnership with Revitalize Network can help your congregation confront reality and move toward health and vitality once again.

Join the Church Planting Movement

When you become part of the church planting movement, change is possible. Send Network church planters immerse themselves in a community, learning the rhythms and culture of that place and establishing relationships with neighbors. Instead of growing a church through membership transfer, a plant grows organically out of the evangelism efforts of the planter and church planting core team. We come alongside these planters—and the churches sending them—with practical training and strategic support.




SBC/CNBC Churches


SBC/CNBC Church-Population Ratio


Number of Network Planters

Reach a Community, Reach the World

There are a variety of ways your church can serve strategic populations with great kingdom potential. The Send Network plants churches in these focus areas.
• Urban areas with high population density and diversity
• College campuses filled with students getting ready to disperse around the world
• Military communities where the culture is unique and the congregations are transient

Pray for Church Planters

Church planters need your prayer support as they serve in difficult and diverse settings. Choose a location, and lead your church to pray for church planters there.

Support Church Planters

You church can impact communities beyond your own by supporting church planters. From providing financial assistance, expertise and resources to sending teams which help with specific projects, your church’s investment is encouraging and critical.

Send Church Planters

Church planting is not a solo mission. A sending church does whatever it takes to help a plant become healthy, strong and successful.

Multiply My Church

The next generation of church planters is sitting in your congregation today. The Church Planting Pipeline can help you become a Multiplying church by identifying, challenging, and training missional leaders for their next steps in church planting ministry.

Church Planter Pathway

Though every church planting journey is unique, there are fundamental steps along the way. From clarifying the call to a church plant’s first service to coaching and encouragement in the first few years, you can help a potential planter or church plant team member navigate the process.

Support North American Missions

When you give through the Cooperative Program and to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering®, you provide practical tools and critical support to missionaries reaching North America with the gospel. Their ministry is your ministry.

Find ways to invest in kingdom ministry in North America.

Learn more about the lives changed because of your gifts to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.

Pastoral Care Line: 1-844-PASTOR1

A free, confidential, dedicated help line for pastors. Trained, professional counselors are available every day from
8 a.m. – 10 p.m. (EST). Confidentiality is ensured by Focus on the Family.