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For pastors. By pastors. Here you will find tools to encourage and equip you personally and pastorally. From eBooks to podcasts to events, learn and grow from these trusted resources compiled by Ken Whitten and NAMB.

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Welcome pastors to your page! Whether you are thriving or just struggling to hang on, our desire is to provide resources for you that will:

  • Help you Engage with other pastors
  • Equip you for the everyday grind of ministry
  • Encourage you to live out your calling with confidence.

Ken Whitten
National Director of Pastoral Leadership

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Equipping Pastors
Through helpful conversations with leaders inside and outside the church, Ken Whitten will help you engage with other pastors, equip you for the grind of ministry and encourage you to live out your calling with confidence. So, whether you are thriving, just struggling to hang on, or somewhere in between, these conversations are for you.
Seeing As Jesus Sees
Seeing as Jesus Sees
When Jesus saw people, He responded with compassion. And when we see people as Jesus sees them, we can respond with compassion too. In Seeing as Jesus Sees, Bryant Wright examines three stories of compassion in the Gospels.
Reconstructing Faith
The American church today faces a credibility crisis. What is the way forward for renewal in our generation? Trevin Wax offers perspective from church history and the church around the world to help listeners recommit both to removing the rot from the church and fortifying the foundations of unchanging truth. It's time to rebuild.

Today’s news, social media, and ministry can be filled with discouragement

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Preaching Masterclass_1
Preaching Masterclass
Am I a good preacher? What can I do to become a better one? Am I doing enough to prepare? Is anyone listening? How can I touch the hearts of people with God’s Word? Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Preaching Masterclass will help you refine the art of outlines and sermon preparation, preach with purpose, and lead listeners to apply God’s Word to their lives.
2303_SR_Church Guide to Ministry_Social Graphic_FBIG
Church Guide to Ministry
The needs in your community can be overwhelming, but you can equip your church to be the hands and feet of Jesus. The Church Guide to Ministry will help you with practical steps to respond to disasters, embrace refugees, fight the epidemic of human trafficking, show love to foster care families, and meet basic needs in your community.
Evangelism Kit
Evangelism Kit
Create a culture of evangelism in your church—not just a campaign. This kit will lead you to Examine where you are, Embrace a plan for your community and church, Engage people as you go, and Encourage your church members by celebrating successes.

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Refresh Retreats
You and your family are on the front lines of ministry in the community. Refresh Retreats give pastors and spouses practical tools and encouragement as you lead the Church on mission.
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Pastoral Care Line

Southern Baptist pastors and their wives struggling through personal or professional crises have a confidential place to turn, thanks to a long-term partnership between the North American Mission Board and Focus on the Family. Trained, professional counselors are available every day from 8 a.m. - 10 p.m. (ET) free of charge.

Church-Based School (2)
Church-Based Schools
If you want a very practical way to reach your community, your church should consider starting a Christian school. You can provide families with a place for their children to receive a great education in a safe environment that reinforces the values and principles they embrace.

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Adoption Fund for Ministers

The Adoption Fund for Ministers exists to financially assist church leaders who are ministers, missionaries or agency personnel in the adoption process. The vision is to help them bring their children home and ignite a culture of adoption in churches across the country.

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