We’re divided along party lines, poverty lines and, especially, racial lines. That division has crept into our churches as well. But that’s not how God designed the Church. We are meant to be an undivided example in a divided world.

In this free, 5-week video series and discussion guide, pastors J.D. Greear and Dhati Lewis unpack what it looks like to move your church toward genuine gospel community across racial lines.

You can download all of the Undivided video and discussion guide content from our website, or you can order a free DVD, USB and Discussion Guide.

Session 1 Introduction

This video and guide will help you navigate your first steps as you get the conversation started.

Session 2 Ignorance

Help your group discover preconceptions and stereotypes blocking your path to diverse community.

Session 3 Awareness

Build your understanding of the history of race in the Bible and current climate of race in America.

Session 4 Intentionality

Learn why and how you can actively step into unfamiliar situations to close the racial divide as a church.

Session 5 Gospel Community

Come to a place of understanding and active community with people of other races for God’s glory.

Download All Files

Download a compressed (.zip ) file containing all Undivided resources—including PDF documents and the 1080p HD version of all downloadable videos. The full file is about 4GB, and download time will depend on your internet speed.


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