Your Church On Mission

Interview with Mike Hurt @ Parkway Church

Joel Southerland05.30.18

Mike Hurt is the Senior Pastor at Parkway Church in Victoria, Texas. In 2014, they averaged 1,347 in worship on Sunday mornings and baptized 151 new believers. Watch as Pastor Mike shares some of his story and how God has worked through their church.

0:45 – Pastor Mike tells his story and how he came to Parkway Church.

1:55 – How does he lead Parkway Church to be on mission?

5:40 – Being an evangelistic church is about creating an evangelistic culture. 

8:28 – Pastor Mike explains Parkway Church’s vision statement -  

10:56 – Evangelism is a priority in the Sunday morning gathering.

13:35 – How are unbelievers getting into their church on any given Sunday?

18:42 – The Guest Experience at Parkway Church

20:25 - How do people at Parkway Church live on mission in everyday life?

26:55 – Time management

30:15 – Current preaching series -  

30:50 – Pastoral Care at Parkway Church

31:33 – Most Evangelistic Event of the Year

33:16 – Where can a pastor start in leading their church to be on mission?

You can find out more about Parkway Church and Pastor Mike at