Church Planting Focus Areas

You can reach the nations by starting right here in North America—one person, one neighborhood, one community at a time.

Reaching North America

Church planting continues the story that starts with evangelism. Send Network has identified four areas of focus with great kingdom potential: major cities with high population density and diversity, college communities filled with students preparing to disperse throughout the world, military communities where the culture is unique and the congregations are transient, and strategic areas. Each presents distinct challenges and unique opportunities. We can help you and your church take your next step in church planting.

Partnering with churches to plant healthy, multiplying churches

“When you plant a church
in a city,
the church should look like
the city.”
- Dhati Lewis
“We heard about the lostness here in Indianapolis, and we always wanted to be in a city.”
- Barry Rager, Church Planter
“When you come to a city and put your eyes on a face, there’s something about that you can’t get from a brochure or presentation.”
- Texas Pastor