Congratulations to Chaplain John Samb!

After 44 years of service as a chaplain and pastor, John Samb is retiring. In his ministry tenure, he served in roles with the United States Army Reserve to a stint as pastor at Fort Creek Baptist Church to serving as a NAMB Chaplaincy Endorser to a hospice chaplain.

John graduated from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in 1976 with a Master of Divinity degree, concentrating in Pastoral Care and Preaching. He and his wife, Martha, had dedicated their lives to service even before he became a US Army Reserve chaplain in 1977. Just before that, Samb was a commissioned missionary to Johnstown, Pennsylvania, by what was then called the Home Mission Board.

Most recently, John served as a hospice chaplain with Novant Health, Inc., until his retirement at the end of July. During his time with NAMB, he served as a Chaplaincy Consultant for Healthcare Institutional Counselors in Ministry. He’s currently settling into retirement in Marietta, Georgia.

Published August 26, 2021