SBC Chaplaincy Endorsement Update

Endorsement Update from Dr. Brent Bond, Senior Director of Chaplaincy/Endorser


Thank you for answering God’s call to be an SBC chaplain, especially during an historic year of storms, social unrest, cultural upheaval and worldwide pandemic. With 2020 raining down uncertainty and difficulty, spiritual support has been, and continues to be, more crucial than ever. Please know, I am committed to serving you and becoming more acquainted with you, your sacred story and your prayer needs. In 2021, I will meet you at training opportunities, virtually or via phone calls. Will you assist me in improving our ministry connections by checking out your profile on the chaplain portal at

Your personalized portal is essential for two key purposes: First, this portal provides you with a “one-stop-shop” to update your contact information, complete your Quarterly Report and request an endorsement update. Second, others (primarily SBC constituents) search it to find chaplains for multiple reasons (e.g., birthdays, prayers, speaking opportunities). Moreover, your profile provides a quality printable PDF for you to distribute. Contact the Connection Center (1-800 634-2462 or [email protected]) if you experience any problems.

Peace on earth and praise to God on high! Merry Christmas and a joyful New Year!

Endorsement Update from Dr. Samuel Lee, Director of Chaplaincy & Federal Endorser


Peace be with you!

Janette Oke, a Canadian noblest and committed Christian, said, “Impatience can cause wise people to do foolish things.”  I fully agree with her, and I would add that impatience produces devastating effects on relationships.  Selfishness—not caring about others, but only for oneself— is one of the leading causes of impatience. Isn’t that the reason why Christ said, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself,” when the Pharisees tested Him?  Jesus answered the contempt of those religious hypocrites by responding with the greatest commandment, and in so doing, Jesus was pointing out that Christian patience is God-centered and selfless.

We cannot bear the fruit of the Spirit without Christ, and our obedience to the Holy Spirit is necessary for the transformation process. Your patience reflects Christ in you, and through our Godly conduct, others may want to know whom you serve.

May you remain in His grace to reflect Christlike patience to your family and those around you as you celebrate Christmas and New Year.

Helpful Information:

Do you know that we have an official SBC Endorsed Chaplains group on the Facebook site?  Those who are endorsed by SBC Chaplaincy are welcome to the site.  This site contains helpful information and a safe place to exchange information and prayer requests.  Come and see!

We are expecting an increase of Accessions in all branches of services for FY21.   Please pass information to SBC pastors and seminarians to prepare for multiple opportunities to serve in military settings in 2021.  The qualification for the Military Chaplaincy is described in the following link:

Published December 10, 2020