Regional Focus: Northeast

New York. Washington D.C. Philadelphia. Boston. Pittsburgh. Baltimore. These are just a few of the powerful and increasingly significant cities that make up the most influential region in the United States. Home to the nation’s capitol, the most prestigious universities in the country, Wall Street, Broadway, the White House and the majority of the nation’s most prized historical landmarks, the region is marked with potential for impact. When it comes to what’s important, what direction to take regarding politics, fashion, finance and education—the world is looking north.

With tens of millions of new visitors each year, the region is poised to hold the title of global influencer for many years to come. Imagine what the continent—and world—might look like if the most influential area of North America found its greatest influence in Christ. This is the motivation driving missionaries and church planters around the globe to reach the Northeast for Christ.

Though the vast majority of the people in the Northeast are considered lost, the hope of seeing them found in Christ has never been greater for those already at work in the region. Pushing back lostness is a slow process in an independent culture inclined to be wary and closed off—particularly in regard to religion. However, in recent years as the region has been marked by tragedy and triumph alike, the hearts of the people are slowly opening and church planters are gladly stepping in to share the love of Christ.

Though receptivity to the gospel may be slow, planters in the Northeast are responding to the need with intentional, deep-rooted evangelistic efforts. Send North America partners and pastors recognize the potential of harnessing the influence of the area and working to move the needle back to Christ through church planting and evangelism. Imagine what might happen if a region long known for its national influence became known as the region that pointed the rest of the nation back to the gospel.

Meet the Northeast

Population: 63,444,085 
SBC Congregations: 1,736
Population Per Congregation: 36,546 
Ethnic Diversity White: 
66% African American: 15% Hispanic: 13% Asians: 6%
Number of Lost: 52 million 
Percentage of the Population Lost: 82 percent 
Population unaffiliated with any religious body: 48.8%
Population affiliated with an evangelical church: 5.9%
Based on 2012 statistics. 

“Planting in the Northeast holds tremendous potential for impacting the advance of the kingdom worldwide. Church planting here enables us to reach those with influence because the cities here are shaping centers of culture, fashion, finance, politics, entertainment, news and education. Planting churches that influence these world influencers is huge for the spread of the gospel.” —Steve Allen, church planting catalyst in New York City


The Northeast is home to the prestigious “Ivy League” of universities, including Columbia and Cornell in New York, Dartmouth in New Hampshire, Brown in Rhode Island, Princeton in New Jersey, U-Penn in Pennsylvania, Harvard in Massachusetts and Yale in Connecticut.

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